Devastators of Goldmoon
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We are DoG!
Our Mission
On the world of Goldmoon where magic and mythical beasts reside. The towns people cry in fear, of the monsters waiting to attack. Wizardry and brute strength clear a path. The few heroes, who survived, forged an alliance. Some dating as far back as the Knights of NI. Other survivors felt a newer name was appropriate.
The mission has changed, so then the name has changed also. These knights and wizards are now known as DoGs. To eliminate the threats to the towns people and devastate our enemies. Devastators of Goldmoon is our new tag.
Our mission is to find the leader of these monsters and eliminate him. It is a long and perilous journey, one befitting our new tags. Since we need group strength to overcome this demon, and Dogs hunt in packs

1. Follow Eaccelerations user agreement
2. As a Courtesy, use Dogs channel
3. Hunt in Packs
4. Bark at the Moon

We no longer have a Guestbook due to the immaturity of some persons in realm, if this person would like to whine about our guild he is more than welcome to come to any pvp zone with pvp on >;)